In the case titled, Stephens v Jerejian, et al, plaintiff Marc Stephens is challenging New Jersey’s entire Firearm law as facially unconstitutional. In U.S. constitutional law, when a plaintiff raises a facial challenge against a statue, and the court declare the statue in question as facially invalid, the effect results in striking it down entirely.

Marc’s legal argument that New Jersey’s Firearm laws are facially unconstitutional, because they passed through legislature based on racism and discrimination against blacks, is the first time that someone has raised the 14th amendment argument regarding the right to keep and bear arms.

The book contains Marc's legal briefs, which he wrote for everyone to easily understand.  Marc cleverly exposes the stealthy language written in New Jersey's firearm licensing laws, which prevents african americans from obtaining firearms.  Marc’s legal argument is almost certain to bring down firearm licensing laws in all 50 States.